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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
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MP-TW4011 LCD Laser Interactive ProjectorMP-TW4011 LCD Laser Interactive Projector
Maxell MP-TW4011 LCD Laser Interactive Projector
Sale price$2,329.00 Regular price$3,499.00
Save $580.00
MC-AX3506 LCD ProjectorMC-AX3506 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-AX3506 LCD Projector
Sale price$1,169.00 Regular price$1,749.00
Save $660.00
MC-AW3506 LCD ProjectorMC-AW3506 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-AW3506 LCD Projector
Sale price$1,339.00 Regular price$1,999.00
Save $910.00
MP-AW3001 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-AW3001 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-AW3001 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,839.00 Regular price$2,749.00
Save $1,000.00
MP-AW4001 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-AW4001 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-AW4001 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,999.00 Regular price$2,999.00
Save $320.00
MC-EX3551 LCD ProjectorMC-EX3551 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-EX3551 LCD Projector
Sale price$659.00 Regular price$979.00
Save $670.00
MC-EX5001 LCD ProjectorMC-EX5001 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-EX5001 LCD Projector
Sale price$1,329.00 Regular price$1,999.00
Save $360.00
MC-EW3551 LCD ProjectorMC-EW3551 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-EW3551 LCD Projector
Sale price$719.00 Regular price$1,079.00
Save $390.00
MC-EW4051 LCD ProjectorMC-EW4051 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-EW4051 LCD Projector
Sale price$779.00 Regular price$1,169.00
Save $750.00
MC-EU5001 LCD ProjectorMC-EU5001 LCD Projector
Maxell MC-EU5001 LCD Projector
Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$2,249.00
Save $600.00
MP-JW3511 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-JW3511 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-JW3511 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,199.00 Regular price$1,799.00
Save $580.00
MP-JW3501 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-JW3501 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-JW3501 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,169.00 Regular price$1,749.00
Save $750.00
MP-JW4001 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-JW4001 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-JW4001 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$2,249.00
Save $880.00
MP-JU4001 LCD Laser ProjectorMP-JU4001 LCD Laser Projector
Maxell MP-JU4001 LCD Laser Projector
Sale price$1,749.00 Regular price$2,629.00
Save $910.00
MC-WU5501 LCD projectorMC-WU5501 LCD projector
Maxell MC-WU5501 LCD projector
Sale price$1,829.00 Regular price$2,739.00
Save $1,000.00
MC-WU5505 LCD projectorMC-WU5505 LCD projector
Maxell MC-WU5505 LCD projector
Sale price$1,989.00 Regular price$2,989.00
Save $1,080.00
MP-EW5002 Laser ProjectorMP-EW5002 Laser Projector
Maxell MP-EW5002 Laser Projector
Sale price$2,159.00 Regular price$3,239.00
Save $1,380.00
MP-WX5603 Laser ProjectorMP-WX5603 Laser Projector
Maxell MP-WX5603 Laser Projector
Sale price$2,749.00 Regular price$4,129.00
Save $1,350.00
MP-EU5002 Laser ProjectorMP-EU5002 Laser Projector
Maxell MP-EU5002 Laser Projector
Sale price$2,749.00 Regular price$4,099.00
Save $1,500.00
MP-WU5503 Laser ProjectorMP-WU5503 Laser Projector
Maxell MP-WU5503 Laser Projector
Sale price$2,999.00 Regular price$4,499.00
Save $2,000.00
MP-WU5603 Laser ProjectorMP-WU5603 Laser Projector
Maxell MP-WU5603 Laser Projector
Sale price$3,999.00 Regular price$5,999.00
Save $1,410.00
MC-WX8265 LCD projectorMC-WX8265 LCD projector
Maxell MC-WX8265 LCD projector
Sale price$2,829.00 Regular price$4,239.00
Save $1,410.00
MC-X8170 LCD projectorMC-X8170 LCD projector
Maxell MC-X8170 LCD projector
Sale price$2,829.00 Regular price$4,239.00
Save $1,530.00
MC-WU8461 LCD projectorMC-WU8461 LCD projector
Maxell MC-WU8461 LCD projector
Sale price$3,099.00 Regular price$4,629.00

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When digital displays first came to be, the entire world was in awe: There was no better way at the time to engage the audience’s attention, spark their excitement, and ignite curiosity. As the technological advances keep going further and further, innovations have presented themselves to the world... Innovations that hit consumers right in their weak point: Their interest towards anything digital, bright, and animated.

So it’s with these assumptions that Video Walls solutions came to be. Recreating the experience of people’s favorite lifestyle and entertainment centers like movie houses, they are the number 1 tool to shine a spotlight over something in this digital age.

Video Walls easily represent one of the peaks of digital signage applications: They can be used in innovative, entertaining, and engaging ways, no matter the niche your business is operating in. Want an example? A Pub in Florida used Video Walls solutions to enhance their setting and transform the walls into realistic-looking windows to gaze through!

So why not invest in high-tech Video Walls Solutions? Up to this day, Video Walls are still amazing sights that never cease to catch everyone’s attention.